CBD-Infused Drinks - Why Choose Them Over Energy Drinks?

CBD-Infused Drinks - Why Choose Them Over Energy Drinks?

Pulling an all-nighter is not uncommon for students and employees nowadays. You have probably done a number of them just to keep up with the demands of school or work. Chances are also high that, just like most people, you have used energy drinks to help you power through the night or the following day.

These beverages are easily accessible as they are sold in gas stations, groceries and even bars. Over the years, they have been marketed as a better alternative to coffee, promising more energy and longer endurance.

But energy drinks are not as harmless as most people think. Regular intake of these beverages has serious health repercussions. Fortunately, there are healthier alternatives like CBD-infused drinks.

Energy Drinks and CBD-Infused Drinks – What Are They?

Energy drinks are primarily described as beverages with high amounts of stimulants like caffeine and sugar. They also contain additives such as taurine and other supplements that can improve performance and mental alertness.

The exact origins of energy drinks are unknown. But carbonated soft drinks were initially referred to as energy drinks when they were first released. In 1916, Coca-Cola reduced the amount of caffeine in their products. Consequently, this put an end to their beverages being called energy drinks.

The first real energy drinks in America and Europe were released in the 1980s. However, it was not until the 1990s when these beverages became popular. This was mainly due to the endorsements of professional athletes who made drinking them look cool and trendy.

In the beverage industry, energy drinks comprise the fastest growing sector. In 2018, the global value of their sales was around €48 billion. Consumption of these products is expected to grow in the coming years with the projected sales reaching around €73 billion by 2026.

Meanwhile, CBD-infused drinks are beverages with cannabidiol (CBD) – a compound that is derived from hemp. CBD is one of the essential components of medical marijuana.

While it comes from plants belonging to the cannabis family, this compound is non-psychoactive unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It does not cause the “high” that is commonly associated with marijuana.

In recent years, CBD gained so much attention because of reports about its therapeutic effects. Research showed that it is effective in treating childhood epilepsy. It successfully reduced the number of seizures, and in some cases, even stopped them.

According to studies, CBD also eases pain and minimizes inflammation, making it a good remedy for those suffering from chronic pain. Furthermore, there is evidence which shows that the compound reduces anxiety as well as improves energy and alertness.

Due to the health benefits it offers, CBD has become a popular ingredient in a variety of products including foods and drinks. With the growing number of CBD-infused products, experts are predicting continuous growth with the industry hitting €2.5 billion by 2021.

CBD-Infused Drinks – Way Better Than Energy Drinks

If you need a boost of energy or have to burn the midnight oil, it is best to go for CBD-infused drinks.

As mentioned earlier, these beverages can make you more alert and focused. However, with CBD-infused drinks, you do not have to worry about side effects commonly associated with energy drinks.      

Due to their high caffeine and sugar content, consuming energy drinks can pose health risks. One of them is caffeine intoxication which can trigger symptoms like palpitations, anxiety, vomiting and nausea. It can even lead to high blood pressure and heart problems.

According to some studies, those who drink these beverages are at an increased risk of suffering from abnormal heart rate. Worse, it can even lead to cardiac arrest and death.

Research also shows that consuming high amounts of energy drinks can lead to the development of health conditions like type 2 diabetes. Moreover, these beverages have been linked to aggressive and attention-seeking behaviours in teenagers and young adults.

Suffice it to say, consuming energy drinks can be unhealthy for your body and dangerous for your well-being. This is why, if you drink these beverages, you have to stop now and switch to something better like CBD-infused drinks.

Unlike these so-called “real” energy drinks, CBD-infused beverages do not contain artificial ingredients or unhealthy amounts of caffeine and sugar. They are concocted using natural ingredients which make them good for your body and well-being.

To be more specific, CBD-infused drinks can boost your energy without causing anxiety, palpitations or diseases. By drinking these beverages, you can stay focused and alert as well as experience all the health benefits that CBD offers.

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