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Una M.
Ireland Ireland
Love it

At first I wasn’t sure... now I drink it on ice when I get home from a hectic 12 hour day shift and don’t want to have an alcoholic drink since I’m up for another shift in a few hours. Definitely helps me to chill out and feel relaxed, or at least the placebo effect does. Taste I love now also where at the start I wasn’t sure. LOVE ‘EM!!!!

Lisa G.
Ireland Ireland
5 Stars

Great taste, really refreshing. Enjoyed every sip.

Cassie D.
Ireland Ireland
10/10 would recommend to a friend

It's so refreshing, so delicious. I love it.

Caimin c.
Ireland Ireland

Tastes great. Arrived very quickly

Karl M.
Ireland Ireland
Parachute Experience

I had a fantastic experience. Love the drink! I stopped drinking alcohol 7 years ago. I also stopped drinking fizzy drinks almost 5 years ago. I drink sparkling water, tonic water, ginger ale etc, on occasion. Was never really mad for Red Bull or Monster or those drinks. Generally day to day I just focus on getting 3-4 litres of water in, with a couple of cups of green tea throughout the week. I find Parachute a lovely, refreshing and revitalising drink. The perfect amount also. It is very enjoyable at many times throughout the day. I used to enjoy downing a can of coke after a run or a workout but would feel that guilt knowing how awful it is. This led me to giving it up altogether. Parachute is a lovely healthy replacement which allows me to step back into that fizzy/sparkling drink world guilt free. At a time where people are a lot more health conscious, cbd aware/curious and looking for that alternative to junk food/drinks, Parachute is right where it needs to be at a perfect time, offering people that taste alternative. All the best with it going forward. Its such a great product. Really enjoyable! There's something about it. Fair play lads!